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CAD High performance hockey

Comprehensive skill and team training that focuses on the aspects of the game to that will make you a better hockey player. LEARN MORE


Adult Fitness programs

A  combined athletic and wellness program designed and tailored to the individual's needs.  LEARN MORE


Vitamindrip IV Therapy

Vitamindrip is an infusion of vitamin & mineral combinations administered intravenously directly into the bloodstream.  LEARN MORE


Neulife Brain Centers

Neulife Brain Centers uses breakthrough technologies to treat a wide range of brain related injuries and disorders. LEARN MORE

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Success Through Health & Fitness

CAD has now transformed into one of the leading high performance training facilities in Toronto and will continue to strive to be one of the leaders in health and wellness. Being an elite athlete requires keeping your body functioning at the highest level. Elite training programs and systems implemented by our exceptional training staff will allow our athletes to maintain their performance levels over the course of a season. CAD understands the importance of proper nutritional supplementation and have recently partnered with vitamindrip & Neulife Centres.


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“My body fat dropped 8% this summer and I feel stronger and faster than ever in my career. The integrated system at CAD helped me so much this off-season, looking forward to a great season”

ANTHONY NIGRO, Texas Stars / Idaho Steelheads

“Training with the team at CAD this summer was the best decision I could have made for my career. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in and my game has been taken to a whole new level”

MICHAEL NEVILLE, Michigan Tech Huskies

“CAD is a breeding ground for success. From its top notch staff to its quality facility and resources. CAD is helping me chase my dream, to play in the National Hockey League. You get the complete package: off ice, on ice, nutrition, recovery (Vitamindrip), cognitive therapy (NeuLife Brain Centers)…as well, a competitive atmosphere including both, trainers and athletes. Everyday you’re pushed to gain the most out of each session. If your looking to give yourself the best opportunity to advance in your sport, CAD is the place to be.”

MIKE LIAMBAS, Nashville Predators / Milwaukee Admirals

“Since starting Vitamindrip, I find my aches and pains have gone down dramatically.”

Zenon Kanopka., NHL Player

“I’ve been using Vitamindrip once a week for the past month and noticed improvements in my energy levels.”

Chad Owens, CFL player

“Now that I’m using Vitamindrip I feel a lot more energized after workouts.”

colin wilson, NHL Player